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CDL Explained

“CDL” is short for a Commercial Driver’s License. In order to operate a School Bus or School Van, one needs to have qualified for a CDL.

A Class B CDL is necessary to drive standard full size school buses. Whereas, a Class C CDL qualifies one to drive small school vans. In addition to the basic Commercial Driver’s License, several endorsements (special qualifications) are necessary. These include a “Passenger” endorsement (to transport 16 or more people) and an “Air Brakes” endorsement (only for large buses equipped with Air Brakes).

This testing and licensing procedure can be time-consuming and somewhat expensive for the driver. Some CDL driving schools in the State of New York charge between $900 and $2,000 for training and testing. Then there are the added State fee expenses for the test ($40) and qualifying for the endorsements ($14 each).

At Huntington Coach, we walk candidates through every step of the process. We provide FREE CDL training and cover all fees for our school bus and van driver candidates. In fact, one can even “earn while they train” by driving our special needs cars as they train toward school bus or van licensing.

You’re just a phone call away from a new career with excellent benefits and a top salary (up to $26.68 to start, including generous attendance bonuses!). Call us at 631-271-8931 today.


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