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Hourly Rates of School Bus Drivers in the United States

According to research, the average hourly rate for school bus drivers in the United States is $17.00 an hour. The range of rates across the country is between $14.00 and $21.00 an hour.

Salary rates can vary widely depending on many factors. These include the number of years driving in the profession, driving certifications, and additional pertinent skills. However, the most important factor affecting the salary rate is the section of the country in which one lives.

Interestingly, the highest paying states are all located in Northern areas with more severe weather climates. The highest paying state by hourly rates is Massachusetts at $21.26. It is followed by Alaska at $21.15, Washington State at $20.58, Maine at $19.55 and New Hampshire at $19.26. Whereas, New York State is in the middle of the pack with an average hourly rate of $17.93.

So, it is of great interest to note that on July 3rd., Huntington Coach Corporation instituted an across-the-board hourly rate increase for all of its School Bus and Van drivers. This raises the rate for newly hired drivers to $26.68 an hour! It is substantially higher than the rates in even the highest paying states noted previously.

In addition to this automatic yearly raise, when Huntington Coach hires new drivers they are also in a position to receive additional hourly rate increases after 3 and 6 months.

The company known for its excellent work environment and great pay scale, provides its employees with the best overall compensation package in the contractor school bus industry.

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