Huntington Coach Corporation

Safe, Dependable School Transportation Since 1927

Providing reliable student transportation for over 90+ years.

Huntington Coach Corporation has been in the business of student transportation since its inception in 1927. In the time since it has grown from a single bus to a fleet of over 900 vehicles. Huntington Coach provides its services to school districts around Long Island.

Timely transportation for the Students of Long Island and Beyond.

12 school districts count on Huntington Coach Corporation each day to school. Our experienced drivers provide timely routes that the parents and guardians of our service areas count on.

Lost something? Let us help.

Find district specific information directly from the source. Huntington Coach Corporation maintains an easily accessible directory for you to inquire about lost items.

An industry leader in Adaptive Initiatives

The Huntington Coach Corporation has a committed record of improvement in every aspect of its operating procedure. Over the course of its meteoric growth, Huntington Coach has focused on integrating new technologies and procedures into its fleet.

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A Key Player of the Nation's Largest School Transportation Associations

Huntington Coach is a proud member of four prominent associations in the student transportation industry. As a good standing member, Huntington Coach advocates for sustainable industry growth.

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