Corporate Philosophy

In the 90+ years of Huntington Coach Corporation’s operation, its mission of Safety, Dependability, and Cost-Effectiveness has created a highly efficient corporate philosophy.

Huntington Coach Corporation's Corporate Philosophy

During the years of successful operations with the districts of Long Island, Huntington Coach has designed a tested and effective corporate philosophy to follow.

Every Huntington Coach driver has undergone a rigorous training course.

Once our Personnel department has selected an acceptable candidate, our Management staff is dedicated to ensuring that our employees are the best trained drivers that you will encounter on the road. Less than 15% of the people who apply to drive for us make the team.

This is accomplished through our state-of-the-art, yet ever improving, training program, recognized as one of the best in New York State. Regardless of whether a driver has been trained or worked elsewhere, all applicants must complete our training program. At Huntington Coach, we train our new hires to be safe, professional drivers, not just to pass a road test.

Huntington Coach has designed an award winning Maintenance Program.

Our Superintendent of Maintenance, now Vice President and General Manager – Kevin Kalberer, has, over many years, developed a maintenance program and staff that are unparalleled in the industry. Our company has been publicly recognized numerous times by the Department of Transportation as having one of the most outstanding maintenance programs in the State.

The specifications and standards we request when purchasing new equipment are more stringent and costly than other companies, but these have proven over the years to provide us with the safest, most reliable vehicles on the road.

Effective communication at every level of operation.

Safety and Dependability rely heavily on good communication. Every vehicle we operate is equipped with GPS location devices as well as two-way radios to assure constant communication and dispatch control. Unlike most other companies, we do not allow our drivers to take their vehicles home at any time. We believe that having all our vehicles leave from, and return to, our facilities for each and every trip gives us greater control of the safety of our fleet and personnel.

Too often, communicating Bus Safety to the children is left for the Schools to handle, rather than the transportation professionals. In response to this, we created a special program for our school districts to teach bus safety.