The Buster Program

Student safety on School Buses begins in the classroom. Meet Buster the Bus, Huntington Coach’s in-classroom training program to keep students safe.

Teaching School Bus Safety in the Classroom

The goal of any Safety / Training program is the safe transportation of our most precious cargo, children. At Huntington Coach we realize that the training of our drivers is just one of the steps toward that goal. The other step is to teach the children themselves. Buster helps us do just that.

The program targets students at the youngest age, kindergarten through third grade, the age level of the children most susceptible to being killed or hurt in school bus-related incidents.

Meet Buster, Huntington Coach's in-classroom training tool

Buster is a remote-controlled traditional-style school bus. Buster has proven to be an effective tool for teaching school bus safety and ridership skills. He has a working eight-light system with blinking red and amber flashers, and a working stop arm.

Program Details - Kindergarten

Kindergarten children are first spoken to by a safety instructor in the classroom. Buster then enters the room to reinforce the safety rules. For further reinforcement, the children are taken outside to meet Buster’s big brother, a full-size school bus. This impresses the children with the size of the school bus and the importance of observing dangers, not being too close or behind the bus, and being able to see the school bus driver. As a reward for learning to be safe on and around the bus, the children are given a package consisting of a plastic handle bag with a picture of Buster. Inside the bag is a school bus safety coloring book, some information for mom and dad about what their children have learned, and also information about safe driving around school buses.

Program Details - First through Third Grade

First through third graders are shown the presentation in an auditorium, with a videotape to back up what they have already learned when Buster visited them in Kindergarten.

Offered for free to our client districts

This program is offered at no charge to the districts served by Huntington Coach and has been used by School Districts to meet the State Education Department’s requirements for school bus safety drills.