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When someone thinks of a school bus, they automatically create a picture in their mind of a large yellow object with big black tires. Well, Huntington Coach school buses are certainly yellow, but that is where the similarity to other school buses ends. These differences cover just about every comparison measurement one can think of!

Huntington Coach buses not only look different, but they are also better mechanically. They incorporate every possible safety feature and are driven by highly in-house trained and motivated drivers.

Huntington School Buses – Features


Visual Differences

  • All vehicles are washed and polished on an ongoing basis so they are clean and shiny even during the snowy winter months.
  • Chrome grills appear on every bus to give an elegant look.
  • White wheel rims on every bus reflect our pride in our fleet.


Mechanical Differences

  • All vehicles are inspected periodically to head off any possible failures in advance.
  • Recipients of New York State mechanical awards are given to fleets that meet exacting State standards.


Safety Differences

  • We have scheduled inspections to ensure that all systems are always working properly.
  • GPS locators are installed in our buses so that any vehicle can be located instantly.
  • Instant two-way communications for safety and possible assistance reasons.
  • New buses are added yearly to upgrade the fleet constantly.
  • Top safety record, an indicator of excellent performance and equipment.


Personnel Differences

  • Exacting interview procedures are made prior to hiring.
  • We train our drivers in-house, so we know they have been trained to the highest standard.
  • Superb qualification performance on state testing by our Huntington Coach-trained drivers.


The end result is…. when a Huntington Coach School Bus arrives every school day morning to pick up a child, the parents have a feeling of confidence and are reassured that their children are climbing into the best possible equipment and are in truly capable professional hands. So, they know their children will be returned home safely to them each and every school day.

The Huntington Coach School Bus Fleet – we are much more than Big and Yellow!