News from Huntington Coach


Huntington Coach School Bus Company and its subsidiaries operate over 900 pieces of equipment in order to transport “our kids’ to and from school each and every school day.

Our fleet consists of full-sized buses, vans, cars and special needs vehicles to accomplish this task. However, there are also various support vehicles that we maintain in order to ensure that our buses are always on the road doing their job.

Huntington Coach has been named the best maintained fleet of buses in New York State numerous times, but on rare occasions things happen beyond our control. Then we have to dispatch specialized vehicles such as tow trucks, fuelers, plows, etc. to rectify the situation.

However, at Huntington Coach we go beyond our competition with a unique back up plan. All our senior managers who are usually on the road between yards, drive specially equipped Chevrolet Suburban’s that can pull a bus out of a snowbank or up an icy hill if necessary. This way someone will be able to respond to a possible situation even before one of our tow or plow vehicles can get there.

Our equipment is as excellent as is our ability to handle any situation that may arise during the performance of the transporting “our kids”.

Why not give us a call today (631-271-8931) and consider becoming one of our team of school bus drivers driving the best maintained buses on the road.

It can be a highly rewarding career.

Good steady pay and benefits, incentives for attendance, time off for paid holidays, summers and more.

You can make as much money sitting down driving behind the wheel of one of our buses as you can in the big box stores standing on your feet standing on your feet all day long.

You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re serving the children and the community.