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School Bus Driver – Your Choice, Your Call. Full Time, Part Time or Casual

Driving a school bus in New York State is usually a full-time employment opportunity. A School bus driver is required to drive children to school in the morning and take them home in the afternoon, five days per week. However, full-time driving is not always ideal for individuals who want to supplement their incomes. This is because it can conflict with their other existing work schedules.

HUNTINGTON COACH CORPORATION, located on the north shore of Long Island, realized this years ago. Management implemented a three-tier driving system wherein the candidate has realistic choices for supplement employment.

First Option – Full-Time Driver

The company allows individuals to choose which size vehicle they prefer to drive. They can choose either a full-sized school bus or a school van. Moreover, they will have both AM and PM shifts daily, Monday through Friday. This option allows individuals to work elsewhere between their shifts, in fields such as house cleaning or food service.

Second Option – Part Time

If a driver candidate is available for a limited time, they can opt for an AM-only or PM-only shift, depending on their personal schedule and availability.

Third Option – Casual Driver

A casual driver works several shifts per week, only on the days THEY choose. This is a two-fold opportunity. First, this is perfect for individuals who work elsewhere during the day, and second for retirees who have time on their hands and only wish to work several shifts per week, rather than a full Monday through Friday.

For all of the above choices, weekend and after-hours work are also available…driving school sports teams, school trips, and private charters. Our drivers get paid for the entire trip, including the waiting time!

Any of these three choices will not only be highly rewarding monetarily but also personally rewarding as the drivers are transporting a most precious commodity…our children!

So, call us today at 631-271-8931 and make your choice.