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Every day in the United States more than 25 million students are transported safely to and from school and school related activities via approximately half a million school buses.

Based on the very small number of traffic incidents that do occur with this form of transportation, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) has named school buses as the “Safest Vehicles on the Road” in addition to being one of the safest modes of transportation overall.

It has also been verified that children are safer traveling in a school bus than any other vehicle, whether they are going to and from school, a field trip, or a sporting event. They are deemed safer riding in a school bus than in a car with their parents.

This “safety” pronouncement is based on the following:

  • Children are 10 times more likely to get to school safely in a school bus than in a car according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • School buses are 13 times safer than the family car, again according to the NHTSA
  • Vibrant yellow color, they are hard “not to see” and easy to avoid
  • Sheer size makes it difficult to “roll over” a school bus in case of an accident with another vehicle
  • compartmentalization: closely separated seats with high seat backs that absorb force and keep kids in place in case of a collision
  • Multiple safety features such as reflective tape, flashing lights, movable stop sign arms, cross view mirrors, GPS systems, intelligent chassis design…that absorbs and distributes “force” over the entire body of the bus in case of collision
  • Strong windows that can withstand punishment and force as required by Federal law. If something in a school bus is of possible structural concern, there is probably already a law addressing it.


Due to all of these factors, school buses have been described as a “vehicular fortress.”

  • The safety of these vehicles is further reinforced by the highly skilled and trained professionals who drive them. This is a unique force of individuals who are well compensated for their efforts with:
  • Competitive pay
  • Great benefit packages
  • Great FREE training for their CDL (at Huntington Coach)
  • Warm, welcoming community

So, call 631-271-8931 today and become part of the Huntington Coach Team…serve the community, earn great pay and get to drive a “Vehicular Fortress”, the “Safest Vehicle on the Road”.